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Southwood School: A Case Study in Training and Development
By Fiona L. Robson

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Managers who completed the online training would receive a certificate of achievement. Based on input from the HR manager, however, it was decided that a custom-designed program would be more appropriate because it would better meet managers’ needs. A custom-designed program would also allow the school to relate the training back to their new performance management system and provide flexibility in the program’s delivery. There were a number of options available to determine who would design and deliver the program:
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The HR manager could design and deliver the training. The HR manager could design the content, and the training could be conducted by a member of the school’s senior management team. An external consultant could design and deliver the training. An external consultant could design the content, and the HR manager could conduct the training.

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In the end, it was decided that the HR manager would design and develop the program with support from the senior management team, if necessary. The reasons for this decision:

Specialized knowledge. The HR manager had developed the new performance management system and was therefore the most knowledgeable about it. Experience. The HR manager was experienced in developing training programs. Cost. This was the least expensive option; no direct costs would be incurred.

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