Sovereignty and Stephen A. Douglas Essay

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On March 6, 1857 the controversial ruling of the Dred Scott vs. Stanford case was given causing dissention in the nation. The Supreme Court ruled over whether Dred Scott was a free slave and if slavery will expand to the new territories. The Court permitted slavery in the New Territories. It declared Scott was property, and therefore he was not free based on the Fifth Amendment, which says the right to property cannot be infringed upon. This meant he was not a free man even though he had returned from a free state. The Court decided that slaves were not American citizens. Meaning Scott or any other slave did not have the right to sue in federal court. This caused major issues between four major political groups: the Fire Eaters, the…show more content…
Third, secession is not the option. Secession is mentioned multiple times by the Fire Eaters and they need to realize that this will destroy our Nation. They are thinking too morally, and only about losing their way of life they have known for so long. They cannot picture a life without their “property”, whom are actually human beings of a different race, to beat and force to work for them inhumanly. They need to come to an understanding that there can be a compromise for them to obtain what they want. They can do this by agreeing that slavery remains where it is already established, and the new territories are decided on through popular sovereignty. This way slavery is not abolished and they still have a chance of the practice of it being extended to some of the new territories. Adding to the problem of their idea of secession. It is not plausible at all. How do they plan to decide which border states will succeed and which will stay in the union? Also, how do they plan to live a sustainable life? The North and the South rely on each other for economic survival. It would be turmoil if they were to secede. Douglas claimed secession was a criminal act, therefore by seceding the Fire Eaters are disobeying the law and can be punished for it. Based on this point, secession would cause a war between the divided Nations, meaning major blood shed of the American people. Are the Fire Eaters actually willing to sacrifice their life to fight for the institution of

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