Soviet Expansion Into Eastern Europe

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Security has been disputed to be another driving factor, and possibly the main factor to the cause of the cold war as it is interlinked both with ideology and the nuclear race. For instance, ideology and security both influenced the same event, which in this case was the creation of the Eastern bloc. (Heywood, 2014) stated that Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe was seen as “defensive rather than aggressive”, motivated essentially by a buffer zone desire. Security was an important factor because the Soviets believed that by having the eastern bloc, they would be protected from Germany as they had been invaded twice since 1917. Stalin wanted to ensure that future attacks will not happen again. (Daddow, 2013) highlights how “states are primarily concerned with their own survival and therefore prioritise military and security concerns”. As a result this factor has great importance because it highlights how misperceptions about the soviets desire to protect itself from future invasion had led to several missed chances of peace. (Heywood, 2014) shows how the US was concerned that the creation of a soviet-bloc was an expression of Russian imperial ambitions.
Robert Jervis in ‘Security dilemma’ states that “states can neither neglect the possibility that others will become aggressive in the future nor credibly guarantee that they themselves remain peaceful”. He argued that although other motives such as ‘greed, glory and honour’ come into play, much of international politics is
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