Soviet Revolutions And The Soviet Revolution

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The 20th century was a tumultuous time all around the world. The 1900s saw two world wars and several revolutions. Among these revolutions, Russia and China stand out among them all. These two countries were the first two to fall to communist revolutions. Communists focused on eliminating class systems and creating a society where property is publicly owned and everyone is paid according to their abilities. Communists believed that this type of society would be better for all people. This ideal society was radically different from the one that existed in Russia and China. However, communists were able to conduct a successful revolution in both Russia and China. The resulting communist countries did not have identical results. By analyzing the patterns of average income per person, income inequality, and average life expectancy, one can draw the conclusion that revolution in Russia led to considerable gains between 1900 and 1980, while China saw few improvements. Compared to non-communist countries like Turkey and India, revolution only seemed worth the cost in Russia. In the early years of the 20th century, Russia was still rules by a Czar. This changed during World War I. The Russians were suffering tremendously from their continued participance in the Great War. The ones who suffered most were the working class citizens of Russia. Eventually, the workers had had enough, and in 1917, Russia underwent two revolutions. The result was the emergence of a communist country at
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