Soviet Rock ‘N' Roll

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The axis of power and the scramble for the control of the world led to the making of the Berlin wall and division of eastern and western Germany each with either ideology. The allies which included the USA, Great Britain and France formed allied forces. Although the cold war was in itself not a war, it was an economic sanction and led to the development of world deadliest weapons. It is also the exodus of the deadly Cuban missile and the rise of China.

Soviet rock ‘n' roll

In the early 1960s, or shortly before the cold war, the Russian music industry had been divided into two groups; the melodiya (music recorded by the state record company) and the rest, which included the underground music writers. The many musicians under the underground songwriters came up with a musical style referred to as the "author's song", which comprised of a strong accent in its lyrical set up, and was performed on unaccompanied acoustic guitar. This style often (not necessarily always) contained or passed a subversive message, hence rubbed the authority the wrong way. The government often suppressed this style of music, but despite the government's efforts to diminish its popularity, it still enjoyed more and more popular; was marked by Vysotsky, a rock singer, becoming a highly popular and influential…

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