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OUTLINE. Introduction to the Question:
-A subclass of pheromones is necromones, which contain oleic acid as a primary component.
-Some pheromones trigger aggregation between organisms, others can trigger separation.
-Necromones trigger necrophoric (organisms remove their dead) or necrophobic (organisms avoid their dead) behavior.
-Arthropods use pheromones, this includes sowbugs and cockroaches. Chemical signals are picked up by antennae.
II. Hypothesis:
When given a choice between two identical shelters, sowbugs will display necrophobic behavior by aggregating in the shelter that does not contain oleic acid.
III. Biological Rationale:
-C.D. Rollo study showed that cockroaches display necrophobic behavior around oleic acid (dead
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II – Experimental Design and Methods:
Part 1.
A. Procedure:
1. Obtain 3 large tin bowls, 1 spoon, 1 pair scissors, 6 ketchup containers, 1 pipet, 3mL oleic acid, 6mL distilled water, 6 filter papers, and 30 sowbugs.
2. Place 10 randomly selected sowbugs in each of the 3 empty tin bowls for 3 minutes to allow them to acclimate to the environment.
3. During the 3 minute period, soak each filter paper with 1mL of distilled water, because sowbugs have been shown to prefer moist environments.
4. Add 1mL of oleic acid to three of the wet filter papers, this creates the independent variable. One will go in each tin.
5. Using the scissors, cut two small doors in each ketchup container on opposite sides, so that when the container is placed upside down, the sowbugs may enter it. Having 2 doors in each increases the chance of sowbugs finding an entrance.
6. After 3 minutes, quickly place the wet filter papers on opposite sides of the tin (noting which one contains oleic acid) and cover them with the ketchup containers. The doors should face away from the center, towards the edges of the tin. The placement of the oleic acid-containing paper should be random, no preference for either side of the tin.
7. Wait 20 minutes, observing the sowbug’s behavior. This 20 minute period gives them time to find each shelter and determine a preference. Do not disturb them during this time. Keep track

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