Sowing Seeds Of Kindness Through Grace And Courtesy Practice

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Sowing seeds of kindness through grace and courtesy practice in Montessori classroom Like in traditional farming, is there a particular time to sow seeds of kindness? The answer is no, it can start as early as the younger age of infant and toddlers and can go till any age. In fact, I feel that everyone is born with abundance of love, affection, kindness and the quantity starts reducing once we start learning some materialistic realities of life. It’s like the metaphor – there is no such thing as noise, but it is rather absence of peace. There is only peace everywhere on this planet earth if you hear to the nature closely. It’s us who is removing the peace and that is noise. There is no darkness, it is just the absence of light. Unfortunately, we see so much of hatred and violence these days. What is it basically? It is absence of love, which was and is our natural state of human being. This image looks simple. One can simply notice that a child is putting a gem in a glass jar, however, when I took this picture for a moment, it filled my mind with ocean of the thoughts that I am putting into this article. This child is being a bucket filler. She is filling our classroom bucket by being kind and showing grace and courtesy towards her classmate. I fell in love with the book “Have you filled a bucket today? : A guide to daily happiness for kids by Carol McCloud. I started practicing this concept a few years ago. I have been working with children of age group 2.9 to 6 years

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