Soy Sauce Business Plan

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Executive Summary
Historical Background
Business Strategy -Competitive Strategy -SWOT Analysis
Market Research
Target Market
Marketing Plan
Manufacturing/Production Plan

To become the leading Producer of a healthy organically flavorful Soya Sauce made in Belize enhancing its product to fit customer dietary needs therefore becoming more efficient and service oriented within this competitive market.

Mission Statement:
BELSOYA aim is to provide a unique and nutritious Soya Sauce committed to the health and well-being of customers in Belize. Produced in Belize using organically grown ingredients and high quality equipment, this sauce revitalizes the
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On the other hand, Ms. Usher brings her skills of financial management to the business, which allows BELSOYA Sauce to see a long and prosperous future. Ms. Moses comes equipped for the position as she has years of knowledge in the field of Human and Public Relations Management which will allow the company to reflect what the partner’s aim to achieve. The Public Relations Manager is in charge of the wellness of staff and the comments and suggestions of our most valuable customers. BELSOYA Sauce as mentioned before will target nutritionist, established micro and small supermarkets and established micro and small restaurants within Belize City for the initial stage. The owners at BELSOYA Sauce feel that this segment of the market will be the main ones who will utilize the product more often; hence, BELSOYA Sauce will attempt to capitalize on this segment. Since BELSOYA knows that competitors are also aiming to please this group, it intends to create a competitive edge over them by providing a healthier product available in three (3) customized sizes. The partners intend to make customers its main priority by making access to the product easy through its distribution channel and pick-up availability which will aid in the inflow of revenue and profits into the business. BELSOYA Soya Sauce business will be located at the lower flat of 11 Raccoon Street Belize City, Belize. Operations hours will be Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from

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