Soy Vs Solee Case Summary

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Facts. - Since 2003 Solae, LLC sold soy lecithin to Hersey Canada,inc in several times between 2003 and 2005. In 2006 after Hersey found that the soy lecithin was contaminated with salmonella. The discover was after Hersey made over 2 million of units with the contaminate soy lecithin. The contamination results in a large recall of Hersey’s products and the closure of a plant. For this reason, Hersey finish the business relation with Solae. Issues. - The issue between Hersey a Solae, was if the contract of sale contains a forum selection causes and why Hersey refuse to assent the Solae agreement about the forum selection. Rules. – The court evaluate was if the past contract was valid and binding After that the court dismissed the intention
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