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Please consult your syllabus and study guide for detail step-by-step group project guidelines. Here is a reminder on your group project submission requirements for Part 1: 1. Submit team document in Microsoft Word. Submit your writing as a narrative, a list of tips or a combination. The length of paper will vary depending on number of team members and format chosen by team. 2. Include sources in APA format. All references must be cited in paper. Available Topics: 1. Corporate social responsibility 2. Work-life Balance 3. Leadership 4. Change Management 5. Clean Technology (sustainability efforts) 6. Social Networking tools 7. Healthcare 8. Diversity of employees EXAMPLE OF TOPIC AND SUB-TOPIC SELECTION: Topic:…show more content…
I never had a problem finding a job this way or at the agencies whenever I need work. Today everything is done online one the companies web pages or a Social Media site. In 2009-2010 when the every one stated to lose their jobs I was luck enough to keep mine until the end and was the last bunch to be let go in 2010. I though no problem I will just go to the agency and have them place me somewhere. But it has been a long time and times have changed. The agency told me I had to go online and apply on the web sites, and get a LinkedIn account. So I did what they told me and apply every day to jobs on the web sites and LinkedIn. However, I was told I was not qualified for the jobs I have been doing for the past 20 years. I was places as a temp for many companies and they all like how I work. But when it was time to hire me I lacked one thing. A colleague education, with millions of folks that had

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