Sp2750 Inc Case Study Summary

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In Raef’s search for viable project members, he was short on time and needed to figure out which of the 11 members he should choose. The most important qualities that Raef should have been seeking were technical experience, capability to work efficiently in small teams, resonate for better results, all the members with prior project experience, and find the most abstract minds that he could – to ensure multiple outstanding viewpoints. For this project, it seems like all of the members should be innately interested in the progression of the project and be actively seeking ways to improve and propel the productivity. The first person that would be selected is Elroy Bennett, who was the best suited candidate from the requirements and was the…show more content…
Even though he has no education, he is still a very strong choice because he hasn’t been required to be focused on anything but the company and its goals, and has proved that he wants to see the company succeed.
The fifth suitor that is viable is Philip lowery, who has had 12 years of working under the company, and has worked for 2 very successful companies already. He also has a B.S. degree in electrical engineering which is helpful because he can help the other electrical engineers solve problems and give a second opinion or suggest new ideas that the other engineers had yet to discover. Regardless of Philip being good friends with Raef’s superiors, he knows how successful companies and projects operate and would most likely prove to be a major asset to the projects
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Another aspect to consider would be whether or not any of the potential candidates would be able to compromise on a solution or decision on what should be done in the project, and if all of the members will be able to respect Raef’s decisions.
The only biases in the case would be the pressure that Raef’s manager Jonathon placed on him. The fact that Raef’s manage was trying to influence his decisions makes an obvious bias to who Raef might consider asking onto the team. The other would be selecting one person over another simply because they had been with the company longer, which would suggest that only people who have been with the company would have the privilege of working on a major
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