Spa Feasibility Study Report

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Prepared for: MOYNE SHIRE COUNCIL ADOPTED BY MOYNE SHIRE COUNCIL ON 26TH AUGUST 2008 PORT FAIRY & REGION GEOTHERMAL DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT DESIGN & FEASIBILITY STUDY Meinhardt Infrastructure & Environment Pty Ltd A.C.N. 100 868 979 Level 12, 501 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 | Tel: (03) 8676 1200 Fax: (03) 8676 1201 FI NAL REPORT 60 Document status/ Document purpose Draft for Council Review Project Planner Lidia Orsini Reviewer Approved for issue by Signature Document status/ Document purpose Draft for Steering Committee Review Project Planner Lidia Orsini Reviewer Jon Brock Approved for issue by Jon Brock Signature Document status/ Document purpose Draft for Public Exhibition Project Planner Lidia Orsini Reviewer…show more content…
However, there will be a requirement for additional investment in spa and wellness product and infrastructure to strengthen Victoria’s position. Port Fairy and the surrounding region are in a key position to explore the possibility of making a significant contribution to the spa tourism market, utilising its extensive geothermal resources. It is anticipated that the establishment of a tourist attraction will have economic benefits for the town including increased visitation and spending and employment opportunities. This study represents an examination of the opportunity available in Port Fairy to create a major attraction and enhance the spa and wellness product available in the State. A tourism market assessment was undertaken as part of the Issues Report prepared in June 2007 outlining the market and site assessment. That assessment was based on 2001 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census information and tourism data up to the 2006 September quarter. Since then, more recent tourism and Census data has been released and these have been used in the financial assessment for the spa facility. One of the key aspects of the data provided by the research conducted by Tourism Research Australia is the significant increase in visitor numbers to the Great Ocean Road Region experienced in 2007, with an increase in international visitation of 7.5%. Estimates of the potential market for the Port Fairy spa complex have been prepared
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