Space Adventure Films

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The success of Space adventure films have grown tremendously in the last twenty years, mainly because of all the advancements in computer generated images, and the advancements in the film industry. “Space adventure films have excellent graphics and color schemes, including visual effects, special effects, and being culturally, and historically significant.” It’s amazing how much the film industry has grown in a short period of time, with the impact of imagined innovations in science, technology, imaginary elements, and science fiction. There growth and advancements have helped the film industry grow and maintain its fan base for many, many years. The success of the computer impacted on the film entertainment industry is…show more content…
(Boggs, Petrie, 2008) For them to create objects they first start with a blank screen and then they set the scale of the computer to coordinate with the system for that element. The scale size usually is anything from microns to light years across in size which are important and should be consistent with all the elements in the project so the layers of lines are built up to the patches and that creates the model that defines the shape of the object. (Boggs, Petrie, 2008) The modeler contains the power of design; which the animator provides the illusion of life. The animator also uses tools to make objects move which helps the animation process begin the same way, with a storyboard. A storyboard is a series of still images that shows how the elements will move and interact with each other. This process is important to the animator because it helps decide what movements need to be assigned to objects in the animation. The animator must also have key points of movements for each object in the scene. This helps the computer to produce motion for each object in a frame-by-frame sequence. The final product when put together, gives the look of fluid movement which when the modeler is formed, the animator provides motion. These designs and elements are nothing but empty or hollow forms
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