Space Age Furniture Company : A Case Study

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Space Age Furniture Company: A Case Study
Space Age Furniture Company has manufactured tables and cabinets in order to hold a microwave oven and portable televisions. Space Age products are made in several sizes and with several features yet, they all follow the same production and assembly operations. There is quite a difference in a few products that Space Age offers. For example, the Saturn microwave stand and Gemini TV stand has a part (no. 3079) that specifically requires machining on a special lathe used only for making these parts. A short time ago, Space Age began utilizing the material requirements planning (MRP) inventory system that helps towards reducing the inventory and additionally improves towards on-time deliveries. The estimated cost per week is $1.25 to each store related to Gemini and for Saturn the estimated cost per week is $1.50. Saturn does not participate towards shipping immediately. Thus, the master schedule for producing Gemini and Saturn for the next six weeks are Master Schedule Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Gemini 600 400 700 500 400 600
Saturn 300 400 400 600 300 300 As far as the part 3079, it is used for two different subassemblies, part 435 which is used for the Gemini TV stand, and part 257, is used for the Saturn microwave stand. In reference to part 3079, it may be fashioned to any quantity because the lathe that constructs it is not utilized for anything else. According to Vonderembse &

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