Space Colonization And Exploration Of Space Exploration Essay

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Space colonization and exploration are becoming very popular topics today and the concepts of both are extremely exciting. However, the environmental impact of space colonization could be tremendous due to black carbon and space debris released into the atmosphere with each launch. Space colonies also have the potential to harm the environments of other celestial bodies since humans are unable to take care of their own planet. Humans also have basic needs for self-sustainability such as food, water, and electricity. With current technology, these needs would not be met and the colony would not be able to sustain itself. There is also the need for legislation in regards to space colonization and exploration to prevent conflict. When taking these factors into consideration, space faring nations should not focus their time and resources on space exploration now.
Many trips would be required to set up a colony on a celestial body which could negatively impact the Earth. The International Space Station (ISS) is a perfect example of this. The ISS is a giant puzzle of pieces; each piece being individually built on Earth and launched into space for assembly (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Reference Guide 75-78). This process required 36 Space Shuttle and 5 Russian launches to complete (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Reference Guide 78). With current technology, a similar process would be needed to set up colonies on celestial bodies such as the moon or

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