Space Exploration : An Integral And Comprehensive Exploration Plan Essay

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Introduction Space exploration is human 's’ activity to detect the space outside the Earth through astronomical telescopes, satellites, space shuttles, etc. Generally, the subjects of space exploration could include any celestial bodies which exist in the cosmos. For benefits to human beings, scientists usually give those celestial bodies priorities of being explored which have abundant resources accessible for people to use or have the similar ecological environment as the Earth so that we can immigrate to those planets in the future. An integral and comprehensive exploration plan for a certain planet contains at least 3 steps: First, observe it through astronomical telescopes and gain the basic data of the planet; Second, figure out all the planet’s properties and information as much as we can utilizing the parameters and graphics we collected and then make plans for further exploration; Third, launch satellites and detectors to the orbit of the planet. If possible, try to launch detectors to enter into its atmosphere and land on the surface of ground. The USA, USSR, PRC and many other countries conducted numerous space explorations activities to the celestial bodies in solar system in the past sixty years. Some of these explorations are extremely monumental and remarkable. For example, in 1957, the Soviet Union first succeeded in launching an artificial satellite Sputnik I into the space (Goodrich, 1987) ; in 1969, the United States launched the Apollo 11 to the

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