Space Exploration And Its Impact On Earth

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Space has been a topic of discussion since the dawn of man. We have made attempts to explore the near reaches of our solar system, mainly to examine the components of other planets compared to Earth. Space exploration has been slow since the beginning because of the technological barrier, but now that we live in the “Age of Technology” we can develop more advanced mechanisms to aid in our endeavors. We have never had an enormous use for space exploration, until we started to discover the natural resources we have on Earth are being drained by the vast population we have established. Just like every ecosystem on the planet, Earth has a carrying capacity of its own. If we reach this number or keep collecting resources at the same rate, we will exhaust the resources on Earth, then there will be no chance of life to flourish as it has for centuries. Deep space exploration is essential to the advancement of mankind because it will allow us to develop new technologies, discover new worlds and resources, and potentially extend the existence of humans in the universe. The craze about space began in the 1950’s. After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union began what is more widely known as the “Space Race,” where the Soviet Union and the United States raced to see who could successfully launch and orbit a satellite, then eventually a manned spacecraft ( A Brief History). The Soviets launched into orbit before the United States. In 1957, Sputnik 1 was sent into space.

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