Space Exploration Essay

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Caleb Vaughn
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Space Exploration
Space Exploration is an interesting part of today’s society. There are kids across the world with lifelong dreams of becoming an astronaut. Although many may think space exploration is a great thing and we should keep progressing in it, space exploration is a waste of time because of the medical effects to crew members, the countless money we spend on it, the environmental effects, and the dangers of the unknown universe.
The medical effects space exploration has on crew members in space are endless. First the crew members’ prolonged exposure to reduced gravity environments can cause bone loss, increased loss of bone materials, increased chances
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Pharmaceutical countermeasures are also being evaluated for their ability to mitigate the harmful effects of space radiation.
Scientific discoveries made by the CSRR will not only enable safe and productive human exploration of space, but may also have the potential to improve life on Earth. Although this is true, Radiation exposure can lead to many health problems, including acute effects such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, skin injury and changes to white blood cell counts and the immune system. Longer­term radiation effects include damage to the eyes, gastrointestinal system, lungs and central nervous system. Exposure also increases cancer risk (Ann R. Kennedy).
Another reason space exploration should be concluded is the effects of the countless money we spend on space exploration. The budget for space exploration is 17.7 Billion a year. The total cost in all of the years of space exploration is 780 billion dollars (Amadeo). One may point out that this money in the long run can help discover amazing things. Although this is true, some possible ways this money could’ve been and can be used are to lower the national debt of 60 trillion dollars, reduce poverty in underdeveloped countries, reduce world hunger, and decrease global warming. World hunger could be ended for 30 billion a year, meaning no one would be hungry for 26 years if we had used that 780 billion dollars on
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