Space Exploration Of Space

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Space exploration has brought with it numerous advances and changes to the world. Included in these changes are the significant impacts to America’s cultural landscape. America’s cultural perception has been shaped by fear, patriotism, and a division between the Country. Throughout Margaret Lazarus Dean’s memoir Leaving Orbit, she explored many of these changes as they happened throughout the almost sixty years that American’s, and the world, have been leaving Earth. Dean delves into the initial launches throughout the 50’s and 60’s, describing both the unease and loyalty to country that drove space flight forward and allowed for the cultural landscape American’s live in today.
One of the first cultural changes that came with the space program occurred before America’s first capsule even left the Earth. The American people’s fright over what the Soviets could do with this new technology of space travel was the driving factor into pushing for space flight. Fear grew exponentially in the late fifties and early sixties as the first Russian satellites were launched and the possibilities of what the Soviet Union could do with those capabilities weighed heavily on American minds. “[T]he degree to which Americans were shaken by Sputnik is all but incomprehensible to people born too late to remember the Cold War… And what was to stop it from raining weapons down upon Americans from that vantage point… It is fair to say the Sputnik completely changed the way Americans in positions

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