Space Exploration Of The Cosmos Shakes

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Mysterious Space Space - that 's all there is that ever was and ever will be. One contemplation of the cosmos shakes: shiver runs down the back, catches the throat, and there is a feeling weak, like a vague memory, if you fall from a height. We recognize that touch the greatest of mysteries. But the development of something unknown at the time held a sufficient amount of time. And this long journey that opens the way for us to perfect contemplation of the cosmos and its component parts, is really considered one of the truly worthy feats of mankind. Man and the Cosmos cannot exist separately. They have always been the two particles of one whole, the unknown, unexplored, new. Since early times, people and all mankind has sought to pave the way in the universe. They wanted to know what there is out there. After all, human curiosity, it is pushed on the development of beauty. Space exploration still has relevance. Mankind continues to strive to learn something new, again surprise and reveal the most secret mysteries of the universe. My task is to explain the main steps of space exploration and to show you other side of the cosmonautic progress. To prove the integrity and unity of man and the cosmos. Share on basic research and experiments. Show-term study of the cosmos and the universe. Let us at least for a few minutes, try to feel the atmosphere of the time, looking back and make sure that, as a step-by-step legends are born. Legend cosmic childhood of Humanity. It would be a

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