Space: Intriguing and Beneficial

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Have you ever seen a cartoon or show on TV about space and thought, “That is foolish”? The human imagination of space exploration is intriguing. Some may use that silly cartoon as inspiration and pursue a career involving space. Once the imagination is put into action, many beneficial products and technologies can and have come into existence that will and have change how we live and see space. To some, space exploration is inconsequential as if it will lead nowhere in life. However, space exploration is beneficial for its technological advances due to the imagination sparked from it, the desire for more knowledge about it and the pursuit of space exploration in itself. Space exploration has sparked the imagination of many;…show more content…
Efficiency is always a plus in all aspects of life. With the worry of natural resources and integrity of products, it is great that others are able to see these new technologies in a light for practical use in everyday life. To walk into a building knowing it has not harmed our environment and will likely stand for a very long time is refreshing. All new discoveries start small before accumulating to greater things. By allowing our astronomers, scientists, and engineers to pursue their dreams of space exploration, they get to learn more and we get to use their inventions to better our own lives here on earth. Some think space exploration is a foolish endeavor. Gary Westfahl goes into detail his distaste of space exploration in his 1997 publication “The case against space.” He argues that “there is [no] immediate need for a human space program at this time” (Westfahl, 1997, p.200). He believes there is no threat of an asteroid impact therefore because of the lack of the technology to confront such a spectacle, no need of a space expedition. He argues that the human desire to travel died out many thousand years ago however, agrees there is a basic desire for knowledge. Stating that the human desire to travel is obsolete. His judgments are rightly probable and have logic. Indeed, there is no need to explore space. Even though there is not explicit need to travel or explore space, many often purchase or go places

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