Space Is Important For People 's Lives

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Space is very important role in people’s lives. It can show how people live and express people’s identity. People have their own spaces in their lives. They decorate their own rooms with each different way based on their own taste, so when we see other people’s rooms, we can recognize their characters or their situations through how they set their own spaces by using some stuffs.
I also have my own space in my house, but as you see my picture, I don’t have a private room. I’m living with two Korean friends. One of my Korean friends uses bedroom and the other one share the living room with me. Even though I have my own boundary in the living room, I cannot keep my privacy in my space, because there are no any door, and the biggest problem that I cannot use the living room as my private place is to share my living room with my roommate. Therefore, I cannot decorate or put something without other roommate’s permission. Sharing the space is really good example to show my present identity. I have a different situation unlike other students who were born in the US. As I am a foreign student, I cannot afford to rent my own apartment, so I need to save my money from useless consumption. That’s why I share my living room with other people to save more money. Even though there are some uncomfortable things coming, I should endure those things. When you see my room, I don’t have any specific things such as movie posters, celebrity posters, or even one framed picture. All the things…
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