Space Launch System Research Paper

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Humans are imaginative lifeforms. We, as humans, tend to think outside the box; find solutions for the unsolvable, transform the impossible into the possible, and take enormous dreams into even bigger and better reality. As the curious people we are, and with recent technological advances, we and will continue to venture into the solar system and the new territory of other stars and galaxies. A recent breakthrough in modern technology are reusable rockets. SpaceX believes Chief Musk, the backbone of this project, is onto something. Although this mind-boggling advancement could do wonders for the space industry, there are some risks we are going to have to take to make our way there. The SLS, the Space Launch System, could have extreme advantages…show more content…
These include lost communication due to distance, unanticipated lifeforms, and various issues concerning the gear of the spacecraft. Along with that, because of the natural expenses of outer space equipment, both deep space travel and rocket fuel is costly. Stowing that amount of fuel aboard the ship is incredibly expensive; In fact, it is also rather heavy. Every pound of excess weight can affect the effectiveness of the aircraft. Because of this, it could lead to other limitations such as trying to balance out the weight with the thrust of the rocket. Not only would the spacecraft be an issue, but the people aboard would be. If the SLS rocket performs successfully, we may want to send a manned flight into deep space. If the orbiter is too small, the germs of oblivion beyond can vest in their equipment. This can have serious consequences on the flight crew or passenger such as radiation and the hostile environment of confined spacecrafts. These are just a few of the countless risks of the Space Launch…show more content…
The potential for the SLS reaches the stars! In theory, we could be able to travel light years in a matter of minutes. Concerning recent plans for exploration, the trip to Mars one way would take about 9 months- a grand total of a year and a half to and from. Furthermore, we would be flying in 3 separate parts of a rocket. The SLS would shorten that time and would only take one rocket because it only needs to be refueled through a pre-assembled plug on the spacecraft. Another great struggle with creating modern spacecraft is the need for compact vessels. These limitations cause complications for engineers during construction; The shuttle can’t be too heavy or it will not have enough thrust power during takeoff . The Space Launch System can resolve these problems and allow us to be able to make a better, more efficient rocket. The possibilities are absolutely
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