Space Reflection

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Over the last semester, our class has gone on a journey throughout space. This journey has grown our knowledge and imagination of what space holds for humanity. With this class, we have been inspired to look past our own planet to the future opportunities the the stars hold. Just as this class has lit the fire of adventure for space in us, our group went to Legacy High School to present to both of Mr. Wold's AVID class, pictured below, where we tried to inspire the group of seniors about the wonder of space before they took their next step in life. To do this, we presented on one of space's biggest mysteries, Black Holes. The presentation was broken into six slides with each member presenting two of the slides. The slide that was done by Joyce Kruger was the basic intro where we got the audience thinking about our topic. We would first ask the audience “Do you know what we are presenting on today” and most of them would raise their hands because we had already told them what we're talking about and we wanted them to raise their hands. Once their hands were up we would then pick someone with their hand up and ask them what a black hole is in their opinion. We wanted to get a couple kids to say their opinion just to get a baseline on what they already know. Then we would introduce the definition of a black hole and compare it to what the kids said. We would wrap up this slide by talking about how black holes were made. This was a good segway into Paul’s section on the
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