Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

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Shuttle Challenger Disaster
In March, 1970, President Richard Milhous Nixon “opted for the shuttle-tended space base as a long-range goal but deferred going ahead with the space station pending development of the shuttle vehicle” (NASA,1986). Thus the Space Shuttle, which was considered as merely the transport element of a broad earlier, was reused and became the concentration of NASA's near- term future. Challenger, as NASA’s second orbiter which was put into service after Columbia in Space Shuttle program, began its maiden flight on April 4th, 1983. It made nine flights in total prior to 1986. Owing to payload changes, cold weather, and other technical problems, Challenger was rescheduled continually and finally determined to launch from
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Since the Challenger event of 1986, Orbiter abort capabilities, improvement of these capabilities, options for crew escape, and the performance of the range safety system became significant concerns of Commission. The event caused following important shuttle missions to be put on hold or canceled in a certain period and plunged NASA into a soul-searching. Because investigators of soul-searching found that NASA had continually ignored serious technical problems, they criticized that NASA has a "silent safety program” (NASA, 1986). Prior to occurrence of the event, several safety waivers had been granted or were pending owing to lack of time and funds. After the event, some of approved safety waivers were required to reconsider. Furthermore, compared to $15.5 billion in fiscal 1986, the budget of NASA increased to approximately $21 billion in 1987 and continued to trend upward for the next half-decade (NASA, 1986). Even so, Norman Augustine, who is appointed by the Obama administration to lead a panel to examine plans of NASA, states that NASA has usually faced a situation that identified goals disconnects with funds that carrying out the goals since the Challenger event. (NASA, 1986). Because the Challenger accident led to a series of changes at NASA and drew national attention from the number of flights launched each year to NASA space shuttle safety system, it played an important role in the history of
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