Space Travel And Its Impact On The Future

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Commercializing Low Earth Orbit
If humans hope to undertake space travel and investigate our solar system and beyond, space travel first have to make it affordable, relevant and interesting to the general public and the private sector and the government have to work together. New technology has to be developed, including more sustainable rockets, new fuel propagation methods and energy consumption techniques that can allow for prolonged space travel. But before making plans for space travel, the costs that come along with launching objects or humans into the final frontier of space have to be reduced significantly. A good way to increase the public interest and to raise money for space travel is to commercialize low earth orbit flights. Low Earth Orbit is only about 400 km above the Earth; the International Space Station (ISS) is currently hovering in Low Earth Orbit in the thermosphere of Earth’s atmosphere (1). Some companies have started selling the idea that for a certain price one can now travel to Low Earth Orbit and get the feeling of temporarily floating in space due to the decreased effect of gravity. Of course it is very expensive to buy a ticket to participate in one of these flights but commercializing the idea of flying to space and becoming an astronaut can help fund future space endeavors. Also, we are starting to see more and more partnerships developing between private companies interesting in space travel and the National Aeronautics and Space…

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