Spacex Swot Analysis

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is is derived from the positive work environment and ability to learn from the mistakes that are made. Currently, SpaceX takes any ideas from any person in the company and explores those ideas. Even suggestions from interns are explored. The problem with this arises as the company continues to expand. Although there will be a lot of new innovation ideas, it will be more and more difficult to test all of these ideas due to a limitation of resources. SpaceX can keep their flat organizational structure, but there should be a process to weed out some ideas before they are tested. This can be done by a collective group voting system. Design Module #14 Assignment p. The writer will apply the MEAL Plan (Main idea,…show more content…
These are goods that have been very costly to outsource in the past, but don’t have an effect on the safety of the crafts. SpaceX also has cutting edge computer technology that allows them to test products in every stage. This allows for lower costs due to less failed launches. It also allows them to have a high level of quality control over their finished product. Weaknesses. A lot of money has been invested in research and development. The weakness of this company is that their profitability relies solely on their ability to launch successfully. The concept of going to space and returning a vessel that is completely reusable is a very difficult task to achieve. There is a high level of uncertainty that surrounds the success of this company. Currently, the company is being backed primarily through CEO Elon Musk and contractual agreements with NASA. If future flights are unsuccessful, then the revenue they are currently achieving through contracts will disappear. In that way, this is a very risky operation because their future profitability is unknown. Additionally, since the company is in the embryonic phase of their development, some of their outputs have not performed as expected. There have been several launch delays and they have a low launch frequency. Opportunities. Since SpaceX is first to the market, in a sense, there are huge opportunities for them. There is no other competition and the company has already formed many contracts. One of
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