Spaghetti By Maggie Monologue

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Maggie lived in a spacious house with her mom and dad. She had her own private bedroom, bathroom, and since she was the only child she basically owned the whole upstairs. Maggie and her friend, Sam, have been best friends since Kindergarten. They loved most of the same subjects for six years. A particular subject included cooking. Both of their dads were cooks at the Italian Plaza so they became fascinated with all the skills in the kitchen. The two girls wanted to go to TCA (The Cooking Academy) which is a private school for serious chefs. It wasn’t because the parents didn’t want their kids to turn into great chefs, It’s just they didn’t want to take the long drive to TCA. But the one thing that cheered Meggie up was getting
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There they met their instructor Mrs. Chang. She had the girls do a pre test to see what they know. She wants them to use the stove, oven, or grill to make this dish. As much as Maggie wants to show how much she knows she is too traumatized from the experience she had. Mrs. Chang signs Maggie up for a class so she can overcome her fear and be the girl she wants to be. The next day Maggie meets her new teacher, Ms. Harley who was a young, kind, sweet teacher. Every other day Maggie would come to see her. She would be so happy to see her because she wasn’t as strict as Mrs. Chang and she would take her worries off her departed dad. Ms. Harley knew about Maggie’s traumatizing moment so she would walk through all the steps very slowly. Ms. Harley would persuade Maggie to go into the kitchen, but was still very carefull not to push Maggie to her limits. Eventually she retaught everything Maggie’s dad did but in a different way. Maggie sometimes missed her dad, but Ms. Harley taught her not to be afraid. Maggie became real comfortable around the stove and other heat appliances thanks to Ms. Harley. She can now cook comfortably and make her favorite dish -
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