Spain And South Korea 's Food Culture

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Introduction I have chosen the country Spain. I think Spain is very interesting country because it has a long history and fervent people. Most people think about Spain as football WorldCup, a fighting bull and Flamenco. However, Spain is very famous with its cuisine. Also known as Spain 's food is very intense and flavorful. In fact, in a previous block, I wrote an essay about compared with Spain and South Korea 's food culture. Food of Spain and Korea deal in common. Both countries have love of the spicy foods, and rice is a main ingredient. So Korean food is often popular in Spain and also, South Koreans are also very fond of Spanish food. Actually, I recently worked in a Spanish cuisine restaurant in Takapuna. I feel like that Spanish food has so fast cooking method and it uses many ingredients. My friend, who is a Spanish cuisine chef, told me that Spain has a lot of food such as tapas.

Food is the history of the country. If we learn the foods of other countries, we could learn their history and traditions. Also food is considered as a very important thing in life. Actually I am very excited about this opportunity because I will try to get a job in a Spanish cuisine restaurant in the future. So it is time to research better how to make Spanish food and how to develop the Spanish food recipe. Spanish food has various types of food, and I think the people live in New Zealand will love Spanish food because there are so many people from many countries around the world.
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