Spain And The United States

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Spain and the United States began relations in the earliest days of North America’s colonization. Spain’s settlements in Florida, followed by other colonies in Louisiana, Texas, and the Southwest and California, meant that early American colonists would come into contact and later into conflict with the Spanish. In the early days of the American Revolutionary War, Spain assisted the Americans in their struggle for independence. Many years later, relations between Spain and the U.S. deteriorated and war broke out; in recent decades, however, the countries began repairing economic relations once again.
Diplomatic relations between Spain and the United States started in 1783. Spain severed ties in 1898 when the Spanish-American War began; U.S.-Spanish relations were re-established in 1899 (“U.S. Relations With Spain”, Since then, relations between the two nations have slowly but steadily continued to improve in economic terms. When Spain helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War era, it helped Spain economically as well as assisting the new United States. Spain helped itself by aligning its economic interests with the American colonists, and using that partnership to gain an advantage over the French and the British interests. Just over a century later, the United States went to war against Spain and forced the Spanish to give up their remaining colonies. A period of bitter feelings resulted, but by the early 1900s, a series of trade agreements were signed which
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