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Found across the Atlantic and above Africa is Spain with a growing population of 46.7 million. The country reigned supreme from the 16th to the 19th century with their predominant religion Christianity. Regardless of their fall from the top, their influence upon world politics still remains. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is a department of Spain’s government. Essentially dealing with anything from national security to scarce resources, the environment vs the economy, etc. and is currently run by Mr. Alfonso Dastis. Spain’s policies are mainly understandable while other policies need improvement.
In recent years Spain has begun to experience a growth in the cable and satellite TV industry. When it comes to what the media
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The fact that Spain uses prejudice decision when checking up on somebody raises the question for other countries, whether this is right or wrong, as not all countries do this. Therefore, allowing for conflict among other nations ultimately affecting world politics. Global politics such as the economy affect my country as the economic crisis in 2008-2009 hit Spain especially hard, leading to the unemployment of 27% of Spaniards. Low oil or energy prices along with low efficiency in corporations’ which cripple productivity are typical factors that follow a failing economy. When Spain’s economy hit yet another all-time low back in 2011 they suffered from these factors resulting in lower wages, and high debt not allowing the country to prosper. Then poor employment rates can have a negative effect on the population as people emigrate out of Spain and according to 2015 shows no promise of the job market improving. As 50,844 people left the country due to there being to many skilled workers than jobs. This relates to globalization as it makes or breaks the economy on a global scale. Globalization is the process by which a business influences others internationally. Sure, globalization has given some countries more jobs but not nearly enough and even then, not everyone befits. While globalization allows for the opportunity it can create an imbalanced relationship between the rich and the poor. Also, if globalization can help Spain

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