Spain : The Spanish Culture And Culture In Spain

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Spain is a country with fun, loving people who love to party. These people have a rich history and with that a culture. An intricately designed language, great festivals and mouthwatering foods. It’s located on the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal on the Western end of the Mediterranean Sea. With a population of 47,725,002 people, this marvelous countries capital is Madrid. The Spanish culture is made up of many things like Spain’s music, food, and religion. There are lots of festivals in the Spanish culture. Some of them include: There are still many more festivals as part of their culture but there is much more than that. Take manners for an example. In the Spanish culture, you must not sit until you are invited to by the host/hostess. While eating, you must keep your hands visible with your wrists at the table. Most of the time, Spanish people eat with utensils, even for fruit. They also tell children to go home at lunch time, half way through the school day to eat with their families. Speaking of food, Spain has a lot to offer in their meals. Meals are usually light and have a lot of vegetables, meat and fish. Some foods include tapas, which are appetizers or side dishes. They also have Spanish omelets called Espanola tortilla, and have their own tweaked type of tomato soup called Gazpacho. There are many more delicious Spanish foods but these are just a few. Music is another part of the Spanish culture like it is of any culture. Spain even has its

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