Spain : Unique And Different From Other European Countries

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Spain – Unique in Every Way

Spain - what makes this unique country so special and so different from other European countries? Is it the people, the fascinating history, the beautiful, intrinsic structures, or the old world feel of the countryside and landscape that has not changed much over history? The answer to this last question can be answered simply as – YES. The Spaniards have embraced their history, heritage and roots and continue to teach the younger generations about this great land. Through the many struggles and challenges in Spain’s past, and the many battles over more than an 800 year span, this great land started to take shape but there were still struggles that lay ahead. Many years of fighting for their land and trying to incorporate the New World into Western civilization would pass, but they soon made progress in a very short time. Spain was responsible for showing the way for European life and the radical change it had gone through. It seemed to be a never ending battle of power but they always looked to the future with confidence. Yet, for all of these weeds of controversy, the Spanish people knew that they carried within themselves the seed of greatness and were ready to flourish in the most difficult of circumstances. Their culture, their history and their strife’s would live through everyone with pride. The geographic distinctions as north, south, coastal, interior, mountain, lowland, plateau, and Mediterranean-Atlantic are overwhelmed by
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