Spain and Japan Wine Industry Factbook

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Wine Industry Factbook
Spain v.s. Japan
Cross-cultural Study



Presented to: Rajiv Krishnan Kozhikode Instructor BUS430 – Cross-cultural Management

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1.1. Purpose/Industry of Choice 1.2. Scope and Limitations of Research 1.3. Sources and Methods 2. Theories and Frameworks 2.2. Hofstede and Schwartz’s Model for Cultural Dimensions 2.3. Porter`s Five Force Model 3. Historical Development
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The emphasis is on how beneficial effects might be achieved and specifying the challenges for foreign investors that need to make country comparative investment decisions in a specific industry. The research concentrates on analyzing, making a comparison and providing future outlook concerning the wine industry in Spain and Japan. In addition, the comparison analysis presents a balanced perspective on the impact of considering to invest in the wine sector of either Spain and Japan.

1.3. Sources and Methods This country comparison factbook draws on research from a wide range of secondary sources including government publications, academic journals, scholarly articles, Wikipedia and other various academic references. These sources were acquired through the use of online search engines and Simon Fraser University databases, including Business Source Complete and official goverement statistics such as CIA, The Economist and Nation Master world factbook. In short, this is a foundation of compiling and assembling this factbook structure in order to make a country and industry comparison.

2. THEORIES AND FRAMEWORKS 2.1. Hofstede and Schwartz’s Model for Cultural Dimensions Three areas of Hofstede’s value model where Spain stands out are power distance, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. Spain scores (57) on power distance, meaning that “hierarchical distance is accepted and those holding the most powerful

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