Spain and New World Essay

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In 1490 there was no such country as spain, yet within a century it had become the most powerful nation in europe and within another century had sunk to the status of a third rate power. Describe and analyze the major social economic and political reasons for spains rise and fall.

Throughout history, as we study Spain we can clearly recognize high and low points in their success. In the fifteen hundreds Spain had no influence on European affairs, Spain essentially vanished out of Europe. However, within one complete century Spain had become not only a leading power but they also had a great sense of effectiveness in Europe. Spain experienced a Golden age with many social, economic, political aspects. On the other hand, within
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The Flow of cloth, grain, oil, wine, gold and silver greatly enriched Spain. This provided economic stability and caused a rise in Spain. In contrast, the Dutch and the English commenced trade with the Spanish colonies, which cut into profit made by Spain. In addition, Spanish colonies made industries in the Americas, which further lessened their need to buy from Spain. Spanish trade with the colonies fell 60 percent. This traumatized Spain’s revenues made from the New World and ended the period of Greatness. On top of it all Spain’s royal spending continued to exceed despite the fact that they were losing money so this eventually led to Bankruptcy. In all, Faith was completely lost in the Spanish which severely disabled their advancements.

Prosperous Political aspects of Spain’s rise was diminutive, however it brutally terminated their Golden age. Ferdinand and Isabella made Spain a strong country with many territories in Europe and the America’s. In contrast one can see the corrupt policies of Philip II and there enormous effect on Spain’s decline. Spain lost a great deal of land trying to convert people to Catholicism. In their efforts to convert and spread Christianity during the thirty years war, Spain lost complete control of the Netherlands. In addition to losing the Netherlands, the English defeat of the Spanish armada completely crushed Spain, not only
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