Spanish American Slavery

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Spain and Britain treated the Native Americans like slaves and participated in the slave trade. Nevertheless, the Spanish government prohibited Florida Indians to be slaves since it was the law and it was practiced in other spanish colonies. The governors of Florida and its religious leaders allowed the Hispanic colonists oppressed Indians to do labor for little or no wages. Many Native Americans were badly treated, poorly fed, and died because of forced labor. St. Augustine was mostly built by Indians with forced labor. There were slaves in Florida, but not as many in England’s Carolina colony where there were twice as many Africans as whites. Spanish law treated slaves differently than English law. In the law of the English, a slave was property that could be bought, sold, and punished possibly even to death, without any legal or civil rights. English wives were treated as property of their husbands. Spanish law perceived slaves as wretched people who still had legal rights, could sue their owners in court, and could own property. Both men and women slaves could petition the Spanish King. The law permitted slaves to purchase their freedom and to attain the rights of all the King’s free subjects. In Florida, the Spanish government gave freedom to escaped slaves from England’s American colonies if they converted to the Catholic faith and get recruited in the colonial military. St. Augustine had a free African settlement and Black slaves who liberated from the English
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