Spanish American War

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Spanish American War Essay

Clara Barton:
Her Opinion on the Spanish American War

Clara Barton
October 1st, 1901
Glen Elcho, Maryland

Dear Teddy Roosevelt,

I would like to congratulate and acknowledge you for you becoming President of the United States of America. You proved your worthiness and dedication when you made life-risking decisions on the battlefield for the Spanish American War. You volunteered as part of the cavalry and brought upon leadership and encouragement. In the handout, Teddy Roosevelt in His Own Words, you even recite, “ the great battle of life, no brilliancy of intellect, no perfection of bodily development, will count when weighted in the balance against that assemblage of virtues, active and passive, of moral qualities, which we group together under the name of character;...” I am confident you will lead our country with that same leadership, enthusiasm and encouragement we need after such a cruel war. The Spanish American War as I remember began after we were having some conflict with Spain. The horrific part that made the chain reaction explode was on February 15, 1998. The USS Maine was no more. Yellow Journalism then took place, spreading rumors the Spanish had put a mine on the ship to blow it apart and saying “Remember the Maine!!” That night mixed with all the conflicts of the Spanish began the Spanish American War. I remember being on the field with you and your men, working
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