Spanish Colonization Occurred During 1781-1821

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Spanish colonization occured during 1781-1821. Spain wanted California to be considered their land and they had every intention of doing that. The Spanish started to build things such as missons which are permanent settlements and also presidios(forts). By building these structures the Spanish started to call California theirs. The first two missions built were in San Diego and Monterrey. It all started with Father Junipero Serra he was on a "sainted mission" and his goal was to convert the California native Americans into christians. By the time the Spanish were done there was 21 missions throughout California, they were made a days walk from each other. Of the 21 missions Father Junipero Serra found the first nine. Spanish exploration and settlement had a negative impact on California and California Indians because they lost their culture, were treated cruely, and the natives lost their land. First, when the Spanish colonized they already had the greedy visions of making California theirs regardless that the native Americans lived on the land. The Spanish not only took over but caused them to lose their culture and changed their way of living. All along the Spanish had the purpose to gain land and convert the Indians into Christians. Before the arrival of the Spanish Indians had a decent lifestyle. Most were hunter and gatherers and had trade with other communities, their own language, a belief system, and customs and traditions that made them unique from other tribes.

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