Spanish Comics: The Evolution Of Spanish Comics

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History of Spanish Comics

(a) Introduction

(BBC, 2015)Spain is one of the largest countries around the world, located between the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. The country has a rich history from 16th century during mediaeval times till early 19th century being as an overseas empire. The main historical event in Spain’s history is the civil war which occurred from 1936-1939 to overthrow Franco’s regime. One of Franco decision was to ban comic books during his reign because he didn’t want people to believe in superheroes and having false ideology. This essay will examine the evolution of Spanish comics from different aspects such as economic, religion and censorship.

(b) Analysis and Research

(Harris, S. D., & Cabero, E. D, N.D)To begin, Spanish comics mainly reached its peak during 1940s which was also known as the golden age of Spanish comics. The era saw the launch of TBO’S comic magazine, which is the first and longest running Spanish comic magazine. The magazine contained several short comics within it and were mainly of comedy genre. Moreover, the comic magazine acted as a getaway for children from wars and politics. The magazine was inexpensive and was available almost all over in Spain’s market. Their format was small pamphlets and was easily shared with people. Even though being banned by Franco, comics were very popular during the 40’s as main source of entertainment for children. (Jimenez.J, 2017) In addition, another major comic magazine during the 40’s is Pulgarcito. The magazine contained several
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The industry started off with basic humorous and comedy comics, to the launch of adult comics during the 70s and solving the economic crisis with the induction of graphic novels. Even though the comic industry in Spain is small-scale compared with other countries such as USA and Britain, the country is still developing and try to stay up to date with its

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