Spanish Culture : Spain 's Culture

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Spain 's culture.

Spain dominated the culture of the Roman Empire began to be formed in the Iberian Peninsula cultural form. In addition to language and religion, the influence of the Romans keeping up Spain across numerous areas of impact. But Spain 's unique cultural progress made since the Foundation began to be rekongkiseuta.

Muslim culture is a significant influence in the culture of Spain and its influence until the preserved 711 ~ 1400 years. Spanish is Latin and Arabic influences, while it received a lot of times when. In the middle ages, the Jewish influx amounting to begin another fusion of cultures. The influence of Muslims and Jews during the years 1000 to 1492 recounts the homeland recovery movement was lost from this time in accordance with the Christian forces take control of Spain. This means that this Roman Catholic country, Spain. In addition to the historical relationship to the culture of Spain in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, was the main reason that the maritime Nations.

Spain 's lifestyle

Most of the industrial countries and developed countries, and Spain 's population is living in cities. But I live in the countryside and farmers and power are the latest craze in the city instead of trying to follow a life of nature. Apart from the majority of the population of Madrid on the waterfront and representatively in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Zaragoza, Salamanca, etc.

Benefit ◐ architecture of Spain

Antoni Gaudi 's Sagrada Familia Cathedral,
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