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The first form of government was a monarchy known as the Visogothic Kingdom. The kingdom first started in 587 A.D. and lasted until 712 A.D. One of the rulers of this preriod was King Rodrigo. He was defeated at the battle of Guadalete. The total number of years for the kingdom was 125 years.
Muslim Spain was started by the Witiza Family. They caused the down fall of the Visogothic Kingdom. By the middle of the 8th century the muslims had made a strong hold in Spain. They put king Abd al-Rahman in to power. He feld the slaughter of 750 A.D. from Abbasid. Muslim Spain had a flurshing culture with libraies and other educational materials. The new Leader was Caliph Al-Hakam. Then it broke into smaller petty kingdoms known as Ta’ifas. They
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In areas where most people already opposed the republic, enthusiastic crowds greeted the rebels. The rebels won the support of traditionally conservative towns and villages, such as Burgos, Salamanca, and Ávila.
The military rebellion initially failed in Spain's capital, Madrid, and several other key cities, including Barcelona and Valencia. Leftist trade unions, civilian militias, and military and police forces who remained loyal to the republic successfully defended their cities against the insurgents. The rebels suffered another setback when nearly two-thirds of Spain's naval fleet declared its support for the republic. This development took the rebels by surprise. General Franco had planned to use the navy to transport his highly trained Army of Africa from Morocco to join the rebellion on the Spanish mainland. To get his troops to Spain, Franco urgently appealed for aid from Italy and Germany. At the end of July, German dictator Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini sent transport planes that assisted Franco in the first major airlift in modern warfare.
In 1939 an General Named Franco came to power declaring a dictatorship. He was a follower of Hitler. He died on November 20th 1975. He kept Spain out of WWII. His dictatorship lasted 36 years. He passed the Law of Succession. Franco left a mixed legacy. His leadership ended the political bickering and social turmoil that
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