Spanish New World Empire Essay

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Four empires embarked in the journey of exploring and conquering the New World: the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English. Among these empires, the new world was first and most vastly conquered by the Spanish. In 1492, the italian explorer Christopher Columbus sailed to America for the first time under the orders of the Spanish Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella. In this and his following three journeys he discovered what he at first thought were the west indies. After this the Spanish Empire conquered the majority territory of America. The success of the Spanish New World Empire can be attributed to better support, and organization than any of the other New World Empires; making it the most efficient of all Empires.
Support did not come easy to Christopher Colombus. For a long time people believed the earth was flat. Eventually, “discoveries linking astronomy, geometry, and time made by ancient observers of the heavens were viewed, not as some abstract notion of mathematics, but as servants of religion.” With the new concept that the earth could be round the Columbus tried to convince leader to offer him patronage of countries such as --. Motivated by political and religious reasons the Spanish crown decided to pursue the exploration of the Americas. The search
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The first european settlement in the United States, Fort St. Augustine was built in 1565 and still stands today in Florida. During the Columbian Exchange -- were shared With the sharing of “new ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken, bread, dairy products, rice, animal fat, sugar, and spices nutrition improved and added to food diversity. Gastronomical diversity is just one of the aspects of Spanish heritage that can be experienced in modern day America. Presently, spanish is the official language in approximately 20 countries of the New
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