Spanish Popular Dishes: The Spanish Rice

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Mexican people that prepare the rice dish often speak the Spanish language, which is where the name “Spanish rice” dish came from. Spain is actually the second largest producer of rice in the world with China being the first largest producer.

Spanish rice is one of the most popular dishes in the Latin American. It is a common side dish in Northern Mexico and is also popular outside of Mexico, especially in the Southwestern United States. American Southwestern people refer to the dish as “Mexican rice” however; Spanish rice and Mexican rice are relatively different. Mexican rice sometimes uses cumin and Spanish rice uses saffron instead. Spanish rice is a side dish made from white rice, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and other ingredients. It is traditionally made by sautéing the rice in a skillet until it is golden brown. Water or chicken broth is then added along with chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce. Parsley can be added for a little color, but it does not change the taste very much. Vegetables are also added such as chilies, corn, peas, or carrots. The Northern Mexico traditional rice is often consist of enough tomato and chili peppers to give the distinctive red orange color and smoky, garlic, and onion flavor. Different parts of Southern America make Spanish rice…

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