Essay about Spanish Resistance to Napoleon

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     Napoleon and the Spanish Resistance      Throughout time, the military has been considered one of the key features in a civilization. It has been considered the heart and soul of many countries and empires and has been the center of many cultures. Throughout history we have seen many military leaders and military powers. We have seen military techniques and technology change as we progress. Our schools are filled with legends of great war heroes and hard-fought battles. One such hero is Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps one of the greatest generals who ever lived. In his adventures and conquest, as general of the French army, he warred against many lands. These included Spain, in which…show more content…
Some guerillas will even use crowds to conceal themselves, called urban guerillas. Urban guerillas have to rely heavily on support from the citizens. Guerilla warfare basically relies on one standard. The element of surprise. Often, guerillas will not be in uniform and carry just a concealed weapon. By doing this it helps the guerillas startle the enemy and catch them off guard, giving them the clear cut advantage. Also, the enemy is always in a state of fear, never knowing when or where these guerillas could pop out and attack. They are constantly on watch and they tire easily. By using guerilla warfare, forces are able to lower they’re casualties while increasing their opponents, even if they are winning “cheap.” Because they often time use “cowardly” tactics, guerillas are usually considered “terrorists” by their opponents. Sometimes however, this can be true. Guerillas in some cases have used propaganda, or started revolts to win over their cause. Instead of trying to defeat their enemy, they try to create chaos, hoping to drive their enemy out. Massive riots and sabotage are not at all uncommon in guerilla wars. All in all, guerilla warfare is the use of unconventional war tactics used against enemies that follow these conventional “laws.”      Now that we have cleared that up, lets move to the actual events that took place. Spanish resistance was mainly part of the Peninsular War, or as some call it, Napoleon’s

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