Spanish Teaching

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### Names #### Throughout all my years of school, I had always wanted to become a teacher when I grew up. It was not until my friend, Michelle Martino, began telling me about the wonderful program she is in at Southern Connecticut State University for Spanish Secondary Teaching; it was in that moment that I realized that teaching Spanish was where my true passion was. Because of this epiphany, I decided to tackle another independent performance project focusing on teaching Spanish. My original concept was to only do so at NBIS until I was approached by the primary grade teacher, Ms. Prota. I truly found my niche. At NBIS, I worked with Ms. Ducharme, who I had for my Spanish I teacher. I spent many hours observing her teaching style as well as her classroom’s attributes. Both aspects helped me better understand what teachers need in order to be successful. One thing I did in order to head start my own classroom was purchasing latinoamericanos flags and several posters. I discussed with Ms. Ducharme different theories of how a Spanish class could be taught. My thought, now, is to teach in the target language while connecting it to students’ native language. In addition to observing, I made copies, preparing for upcoming lessons, and even was able to teach a class when Ms. Ducharme had a substitute for a period. During that time, I proctored a commonly asked question, “¿Cómo es tu amigo?” for students to respond in their journals. I also reviewed the five forms of
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