Spanish Time

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Like every other morning, my day started off very early because the girls and I have been going to breakfast before heading to ABSS. We went through the usual breakfast line, which was serving once again beans, eggs and tortillas. We have all grown used to this breakfast we have all found that it is rather delicious in the morning. We also find that we are still stared at a lot by all of the Zamorano students and cafeteria workers. I stop and wonder are they ever going to stop staring? I find myself thinking that no as long as we are here they will always stare at us. We make our way to the school by taking the usual path, the path that we took while on tour the very first day. Once we arrive to the school we each make our way to our assigned…show more content…
I found that I am very useful during Spanish time because the teacher usually splits the class up into two groups. Usually when she has two groups I find myself staying with one group and helping out when needed. I also learn a lot during Spanish time. Although Spanish is my first language, I was never formally taught. The Spanish that I know is more conversational and informal. It is during Spanish time that I learn new vocabulary words that I had never heard. I find it extremely fascinating that the students have a higher level Spanish knowledge. It is something that I had never been exposed to prior to coming to Honduras. I find myself feeling slightly uncomfortable during Spanish time because of the fact that half of the time I am unsure of what they are talking about because I do not understand the words they are…show more content…
Once school was over the girls and I made our way back to the Kellogg Center where once again I fell asleep immediately after arriving back. Once I woke Anisha, Sam and I went to go get coffee and sat in our usual outdoor spot to work on homework. As dinnertime approach and we made our way back to the center I noticed one of my students was walking with his mother. He called out to me and I stopped to say hello he introduced me to his mom and we began talking. His mother was a very nice woman, she reminded me a lot of my mom. She mentioned how grateful they were to have been awarded a scholarship for Oscar to attend ABSS. It was an eye opening experience to hear her talking about how much the scholarship has helped her and her husband. Once I said my goodbyes the girls and I walked to dinner. Following dinner we all waited until nine o’clock to split up and continue on our quest to get invited to a BBQ. That night after our failed attempts, Sam, Trinette, and I made our way to the snack shop where we heard Olivia call out to us. Olivia was sitting alongside some of the other girls and two Zamorano students. We sat with the two guys as they talked about their wild adventures in the city during the weekends. They also mentioned all the rules they have to abide by while on the university campus. I found it incredibly fascinating the amount of time the students spend on school grounds. I was also surprised by how strict the school is
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