Spanish War

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1. Was the Spanish American War in fact a "splendid little war"? What was splendid about it? Yes it was in fact a “splendid little war”. There were a few things that made the Spanish American Was receive that nickname. The war lasted only 115 days and the death outcome was far less than any other war. The United States gained Puerto Rick as well as Guam and other islands in the pacific. In the book it stated that “If ever there were a good war, it was the Spanish-American war. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. 2. What impact did the "yellow press" have on American opinion and expansion in the 1890's? The “yellow press” was sometimes called “The Newspaper War” because of the scandal stories that the Yellow…show more content…
Their main goal was to end high tariffs, strict control over transportation. The farmer’s alliances endorsed laws that included the control of the railroads, and to put more money in circulation. The Populist Party wanted a greater role of the government. They supported the increase in the circulation of money and of progressive income tax. They also supported the eight hour week day. It was unsuccessful because higher farming prices meant higher food prices and lower tariffs meant more completion. 2. Discuss the response of the major parties and national leaders to public agitation over tariff, the trusts, and the railroads. The farmers felt desperate and felt that there was no way out for them. They were constantly competing with monopolies and trusts. The railroads where putting the famers into bankruptcy and was impossible for them to make any money. The charge to use the railroads cost far more than the farms made, which lead them to borrow money from the bank and put them on the verge of bankruptcy. Though many groups tried to help the farmers out like the “Granger Movement” but they were all unsuccessful because monopolies controlled the whole farm industry. Work Cited: Tindall, George Brown and Shi, David Emory. America: A Narrative History. Vol 2, 8th ed. WW Norton:New York, 2010.
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