Spanish civil war

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The Spanish civil war is often seen as a fundamental divide between right and left- the first major struggle between Fascism and Communism. The Spanish civil war started distinctly as a Spanish civil war born out of Spanish disputes, but it was soon to take on an international character. The military situations were practically equal to both sides before the foreign intervention. However, after Germany, Italy, and USSR intervened the situation changed dramatically. In general, the decision by foreign governments to get involved in the Spanish Civil war was a result of both ideology and self-interest. Foreign intervention had two main effects. The first was that it both intensified and lengthened the war, and the other is that it meant…show more content…
-Hitler’s Germany was cautious when the appeal for help came from the rebels. He was not yet ready for a general European war. Hermann Goring was important in the decision to support the rebels. Both he and Hitler wanted to stop the spread of communism, but Goring also wanted to test out his Luftwaffe in live conditions. There were economic and strategic benefits for Germany too: raw materials could be gained and deploying to Spain could give Germany the potential to hamper Anglo-French maritime communications. Hitler didn’t think the war would last long, and only wanted to commit limited aid. As well as its support of Franco in the initial stages of the war, the Condor Legion perpetrated the now infamous bombing of Guernica and they played a pivotal role supporting the nationalists in taking Catalonia. German involvement was important to the outcome of the war as is played a crucial military role at critical times. -Italy gave the most assistance of all foreign powers. Mussolini wanted to be involved for a number of reasons. First, involvement would be in line with his anti-communist/socialist/democratic outlook and his pro-fascist stance. Second, he wished to enhance his influence as the key power in the Mediterranean and thereby demonstrate Italy’s
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