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Is it okay?
Should spanking and other forms of physical punishment be illegal. Strict parents say yes, leniant parents say no. What can be the affects of such behavior? A child who has gotten itno trouble may be victim of this punishment that has been accepted moreso in third world countries. A mother of four who has been fed up has a youngest child.When a child acts up, it can be seen as okay to spank or discipline. A displanory action. Why not? Why isn't that okay? Usually when a parent spanks the child, the child retreats and does not commit whatever the offense. They, "are cured" or are they now terrified of their caregivers? What if the child has taken negative contitations after recieving a spank? The child may go to school sad, and
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But, howcome no one ever talks about the well being of the parents as well. A hardworking mother can be deemed as a failure to her child all because she wanted to help them. The mother could have had the same punishment as a child, and since it seemed like it worked for her, she carried it on into her own personal life. A child who may not understand the extent of what they did. For example, they stole candy at night when the parents made it clear not to. The child recieves a "wooping" and suddenly feels so terrified to even wake up in the middle of the night. Parents do not always have time to, take away cell phones, put you in time out.What is more accepsible is grabing a belt. Swinging it all around to make the child pay attention. Well, if this is the case, why do so many children misbehave. Most recently, shows like dr.phil find ratings in recruiting young, children who are reckless. Audience memebers could be wondering, "If that was my chilld, all I need was a spank" Better said than done. Not everyone can really look at a situation and determine the outcome. ALTHOUGH, child displanory stuff have been said to be controversial. Spanking a child can be seen as a way of letiting the children know who is in charge. A child with autism, however, may find it harder to comprehend this. The affects of the hitting can become too overwhelming to the point where they cannot trust their caregiver. There could be risks of
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