Spanking A Child Is Wrong And Harmful

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What goes through your head when someone asks,”How did you discipline your children?” Parents will either lead in one of three ways: strict discipline, mild discipline, or no discipline at all. No matter how a parent disciplines their children, there will be complications in a home, but when parents can no longer be “parents” due to others trying to step in and control their style of parenting, that is where a problem comes up. There are people who think that spanking a child is wrong and harmful to the child, and will harm the child psychologically as well. There are people who believe that the only way to influence good behavior is to be their friend; a parent has to be a friend and a mentor in order to create a positive outcome. This…show more content…
In addition to many parents using spanking as a form of discipline because of their childhood, a personal account from a man who is a father today gave a reporter a few moments of his time to speak of what his life was like as a child. He said that his parents treated him with love and compassion, but were not afraid to “spare the rod” when he or his siblings misbehaved. He said that being a parent now he dreads hearing that phrase being said from his wife, but he understands that a man has a more authoritative voice over children due to a man’s usual size and strength. The man said that he can count on his fingers the number of times he has spanked his children, which shows that his children have been raised properly to not disobey their parents, and everyone knows that they will misbehave eventually somewhere down the line. This man did not want the usual stereotype of the “man of the house” and made it to where his kids could function how they should without constantly having to tell them to behave (Adler 80). To me, this father has raised his children a certain way to where he does not have to constantly punish them. He only had to discipline his children once or twice in order for them to understand what it was that they were doing wrong, and that it is not right to do it again. This type of parenting comes with being patient and understanding that sometimes children can not comprehend everything they are told.
In the same fashion as the benefits of early
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